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Common Symptoms Of Hay Fever

By: Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), MSc - Updated: 9 Jun 2020 | comments*Discuss
Hay Fever Irritation Symptoms Common

Hay fever, formally known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, occurs as a response to allergens such as pollen, which then get into the throat, eyes and nose.

A common allergic disease, approximately 15-20% of the population suffering from hay fever. It tends to appear during the pre-adolescent years and may peak during a sufferer's 20s and 30s, before easing or disappearing. Symptoms tend to be centred in the upper respiratory tract and facial area. They range from mild to severe, and may impact a person's work, home and family life.Some of the common symptoms of hay fever include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy bloodshot eyes
  • Stuffed up nose
  • Itching around the face and mouth
  • Exhaustion
  • Blocked sensation in ears
  • Headache
  • Wheezing
  • Burning in the throat
An overall achy feeling, or pressure in the entire face area can occur, with the sinus area being most painful. Constant nose rubbing and blowing can also leave a person with skin irritation and sensitivity.

Seasonal Condition

Hay fever is generally a seasonal condition, affecting people mainly during the spring and summer months. Most people will notice a pattern of occurrence that begins in the spring months, peaks during the summer and fades as autumn approaches.

Hay fever may occur daily, or intermittently, but its presence can lead to missed days off work, irritability, depression and anxiety. This is due, not only to the pain and discomfort from the symptoms themselves, but also from the social anxiety related to a runny nose, bloodshot eyes and facial redness.

Sufferers often cite self-consciousness as a major issue related to hay fever and these symptoms can lead to the anxiety, withdrawal and depression.


Perennial allergic rhinitis, unlike seasonal allergic rhinitis, occurs year round. The majority of people who suffer from hay fever, however, will find they have the seasonal variety.

Those who do suffer from hay fever year-round tend to be sensitive to allergens that aren't exclusive to the summer and spring months. These include dust mites and pets.

For most people, symptoms of hay fever can be prevented or treated. Unfortunately, symptoms may go ignored, particularly when they are mild, but their continual presence can still subtly affect how a person functions each day.

Those who experience severe symptoms may find that the constant irritation and discomfort compromises their ability to function at work, school or socially.

Treating Hay Fever

If you have been suffering from hay fever symptoms, don't ignore them. Instead, See Your Doctor as they can accurately determine if you do indeed have hay fever, offer over-the-counter or prescription drugs, and suggestion how to prevent or naturally treat the condition.

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Few months ago I had anelegic reaction in under my eyes so I was prescribed steroids antihistamine they worked. Then few weeks ago I started with what people was saying hayfever but now my right eye keeps going tight if I use my phone so have to put it down then I see lots of sqiqqly lines at side of my eye
Molly - 9-Jun-20 @ 5:37 PM
Liv - Your Question:
I normally have Hayfever and I usually take Hayfever tablets and they don’t really work but recently I have been getting a heavy chest and tightness aching and pains do you think this could be due to the Hayfever?

Our Response:
It might be related but it you should really try and see your GP to get it checked out.
HayfeverExpert - 26-Jun-18 @ 1:58 PM
I normally have Hayfever and I usually take Hayfever tablets and they don’t really work but recently I have been getting a heavy chest and tightness aching and pains do you think this could be due to the Hayfever?
Liv - 24-Jun-18 @ 2:36 PM
Feeling weird almost like drowsy, weight on upper chest, throat area,burning in throat, tickly cough etc this has been worst hay-fever season ever.
ClaireB - 23-Aug-17 @ 5:48 PM
I have a tickly throat that makes me feel sort of gaggy at the back of my throat. I also have a blocked nose and dry itchy eyes. I think it's hay fever
charliexo - 21-Jun-17 @ 8:13 PM
JJ - Your Question:
I live in a town that is surrounded by fields/flowers/trees etc where pollen and allergies are pretty much around.Just of late I seem to be suffering with hay fever and allergies.My symptoms are itchy eyes, tickly dry slightly tight throat which is the most annoying.I noticed another comment from another post from a lady describe the same feeling in her throat.Any help would be great thank you.

Our Response:
You can get your allergy confirmed at your GP who will advise on what kind of treatments to try.
HayfeverExpert - 20-Jun-16 @ 12:42 PM
I live in a town that is surrounded by fields/flowers/trees etc where pollen and allergies are pretty much around.Just of late I seem to be suffering with hay fever and allergies.My symptoms are itchy eyes, tickly dry slightly tight throat which is the most annoying.I noticed another comment from another post from a lady describe the same feeling in her throat.Any help would be great thank you.
JJ - 19-Jun-16 @ 7:25 AM
@Boa. If the systems persist to the level where they're really irritating you, book an appointment with your doctor. He/she will be able to tell you what the cause is with a few simple checks. If hayfever is a possibility, you'll be sent for allergy tests.
HayfeverExpert - 8-May-15 @ 9:37 AM
Hi there, I think I've got hay fever and I've got very scratchy sore throat , blocked nose, and my ears, nose and mouth itches. I was thinking maybe I've got tonsillitis so I need to remove my tonsils. But few days ago I asked about hay fever from lady from pharmacy, she said I could have very scratchy throat cause of hay fever. I'm so suffering from this and what is the best to do could you please advice me? Many thanks Boa
Boa - 1-May-15 @ 8:44 PM
@MickyB. Avoiding dairy and pure spring water sounds interesting - have they made a difference? Let us know how you get on in the autumn.
HayfeverExpert - 17-Jul-14 @ 10:10 AM
Re; Malks posting, I have never suffered from hayfever either all my life and I am nearly 50, but I do now. I also have mild tinnitus that has got considerably louder since we moved to a house with a huge garden that I spend a lot of time in. I have sneezing, itchy ears, dry nose and throat and lethargy on an almost daily basis and I can only link it to the grass cutting and gardening. I also believe that as the climate is changing and getting warmer and the season is an early one, this has probably had an impact. For myself, cutting right back on dairy foods, drinking more pure water and keeping the house a little cooler certainly reduces the effects, but I expect only in the autum will I know for sure whether it was hayfever or not.
MickyB - 16-Jul-14 @ 11:37 AM
My son is almost 6 yrs old.from last week he has had a runny nose with clear fluid that is sticky, he had a blood shot eye yesterday and sounds congested ive been giving him allergy relief syrup but shud I get it diagnosed by a doctor
mommy - 19-May-14 @ 9:49 AM
I am a 68 year old male, every few days it felt as if I had a cold comingon, would have a course of Lem Sip powders for a couple of days and then felt fine again, did not have a runny nose, did not have sore eyes or itching to my face or neck.One of the main problems apart from feeling unwell, was it seemed to makemy Tinnitus that I suffer withmuch worse, the same as having a head cold, because of this there was many nights spent unable to sleep owing to the loud Tinnitus noise. I went to the doctors, and he said he thought I I had hayfever. I have never suffered with Hayfever all my life. He prescribedme CETIRIZINE HYDROCHLORIDE and I take one 10 mg tablet each day,for the past two months, but I an still getting these cold symptoms back again. and no sleep again last night owing to he Tinnitus noise. Is there any reader who has the same problem, or knows of ANYTHING that can help. Thanks.
Malk - 19-Oct-13 @ 3:22 PM
ive had a sore throat all week , now a blocked nose that wont blow mouth feels very dry like ive been eating a bag of talc. felt really bad on the train yesterday and cant breath all week in the night , is it hayfever? ive never had it before and im 40 yrs old.
diane mercer - 11-Jul-13 @ 6:46 AM
i dont think i have hayfever but my skin around my arms and chest and my back has been so itchy is it hayfever or dry skin etc i have dry skin on my hands. Its whenever i got a bit of the sun few wks ago it started , is my skin just dry? help please scratching is getting bad
topsy - 30-Jun-13 @ 6:12 PM
I feel that I can not open my eyes. my face feels heavy, sneezing and have arunny nose and a strange throat(not like whenI have a cold) extremely tired and listless, and have a headache. I do take antihistamine but it does not seem to, be working, could a doctor prescribe something better.
suzie - 20-Jun-13 @ 11:04 AM
Can you please help, I have a sore throat, a blocked nose which I cannot clear, and when I do it burns and tingles and is like catarrh. I also have burning itchy legs.
Barbarella - 5-Jun-13 @ 12:09 PM
Do I have hayfever? Slight runny nose, and the same for a sore throat. Finding hard to swallow and after eating feeling like my throat has closed up and my signuses are extremely blocked, hard to breathe. Also hard to breathe on tube, buses, small stuffy rooms and now most places!
Book girl - 26-Jul-12 @ 12:26 PM
my eyes are swollen and a little sore , is this hayfever
butterfly - 30-Jun-12 @ 4:45 PM
My husband suffers with hay fever quite badly, along with all the usual symptoms of sneezing, sore eyes and a blocked nose he also on occasions suffers from a red blotchy itchy rash which lasts about an hour or two and then disappears.Is this rash also a symptom of his hayfever?
TC - 23-May-12 @ 11:29 AM
i have never suffered with hay feaver at all,,but this year i,m very bad with very ichy eyes sore throat and runny nose,,what is the best remerdy to take as it is driving me mad,,going on my holidays very soon a cruise on the med do you think it will clear up.I,m 63 years young why happen know Many thanks
duckie - 12-Jul-11 @ 4:23 AM
My eyes are heavy and feel like they are burning, im very very tired all day, could this be due to heavy pollen at the moment. Thankyou
Jake - 2-Jul-11 @ 2:14 PM
hayfever is anoying especially in spring
sammy - 5-Jun-11 @ 7:41 PM
Yes, many people do suffer from hay fever symptoms at night. Make an appointment with your GP who will be able to prescribe antihistamines to reduce your symptoms.
HayfeverExpert - 3-Jun-11 @ 1:50 PM
andy - 3-Jun-11 @ 11:53 AM
Hi, sarah.x97 i think you may have hayfever, i have experienced nearly all the symptoms plus itchy legs (that bad i become red raw from stracthing), since i had my daughter in '08. Before then i had never experienced any problems, i reached 18 and bang the summer sundenly becomes miserable, i can never wear make up as then i get tear marks from my eyes leaking. Do you think its time for me to see my GP?
Ema - 11-Apr-11 @ 10:14 AM
I have an extremely sore throat and sometimes have a headache and ache all over but my throat and ears itch so much that it drives me insane, i have only had this majorly of the last few days, but i have had cheese symptoms many times before, do you think this would be a allergy to something else or just severe hay fever?
Sarah.x97 - 8-Apr-11 @ 9:41 PM
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