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Do you find yourself filled with dread when the summer months approach? Perhaps the thought of cutting the grass is enough to turn you away from your lawnmower. Hayfever is a very common condition and affects people in different ways; some suffer fairly minor symptoms, whilst others are left unable to carry out many of their normal day to day activities whilst they endure a flare-up of the condition.
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Latest Comments
  • war
    Re: Steroid Injections
    you CAN get hayfever injection on the NHS still but it is VERY rare they will prescribe this.
    16 May 2016
  • Duddy
    Re: Tree Pollen
    Great article. I only started to get Hayfever symptoms a several years ago and I am in my forties. It starts in mid/late March and only improves during…
    6 May 2016
  • Charliex
    Re: Tree Pollen
    I have suffered with sneezing & a really itchy & sore rash on my neck for the last three April's this must be tree pollen & lasts about 4 weeks - I am…
    2 May 2016
  • HayfeverExpert
    Re: Immunotherapy: Allergy Shots
    lulu - Your Question:I would like to know where can I get this injection for hayfever and how much is it please
    22 April 2016
  • lulu
    Re: Immunotherapy: Allergy Shots
    i would like to know where can I get this injection for hayfever and how much is it please
    21 April 2016
  • fatmum
    Re: Understanding Your Immune System
    Thanks for the useful well explained information it helped me .
    10 October 2015
  • Tessie
    Re: Bacterial Infections
    I was diagnosed with asthma years ago and have suffered the hell of hay fever since I was 20 (I am now 50). Along with the traditional…
    21 July 2015
  • lily
    Re: Cautions About Hay Fever Drugs
    I'm taking several antihistamines pills at once more then the recommended doses my hay fever doesn't seem to get any better I'm…
    17 July 2015
  • Criz
    Re: How Alcohol Intensifies Hay Fever
    What sort of treatments have worked? And does heyfever ever go away?
    17 July 2015
  • Lifelong Heyfever Su
    Re: Steroid Injections
    You can't get heyfever injections on the NHS now anymore. Any info prior to 2015 is very outdated. It's something you either have to live with…
    25 June 2015
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